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About MAPLE LAWN Franchise:


MAPLE LAWN Franchise grew out of a yearning for learning. After toiling laboriously to integrate ICT into higher education, we felt that the best approach to bridge the gap between what is being taught and the needs of the learner was to implement tactile learning. This idea was not the result of a dream but an appetite to rejuvenate the present system of education which has several lacunae. It was a desire to provide a learning platform which gave children in their naissance age complete autonomy over their learning environment.

SMARTBooks are the books which will enable your children to learn how to pronounce English properly while having fun at the same time. You only have to place the Smart Pen on the SMARTBooks. The pen reads the text and reproduces the voice of the character, as well as other features of the pages. The SMARTBooks are designed for children from the age of one year onwards

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Property Details

Type of property required for this franchise opportunity - Commercial

Floor area requirement-2400-2500sqft.


Training Details

Detailed operating manuals for franchisees-Yes

Franchisee training location-Head Office

Is field assistance available for franchisee ?-Yes

Expert guidance from Head Office to franchisee in opening the franchise-Yes

Agreement & Terms Details

Franchise Agreement is renewable-No

How long is the dealership term for?-N/A

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Area Required


Investment Range

Rs. 30 lacs - 50 lacs

Expansion Locations


Establishment Year


Franchise Launch Year


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