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Sutra Gastropub Franchise

About Sutra Gastropub Franchise

Glimpse about Sutra Gastropub

Sutra Gastropub is a multi-cuisine restaurant where you can enjoy all kinds of food and different cuisines of your taste. Located at DLF Cyber City & Noida, the Sutra is a must-visit restaurant for all those who want to enjoy the nightlife of the city and enjoy eating tasty cuisines. Sutra Franchise has cozy interiors, spectacular outdoor seating, and sumptuous food that make the place most happening and attractive. The dishes that you can enjoy are Mediterranean, European, North Indian, and American cuisines with Casual Dining. All these are prepared using authentic ingredients for the best taste.  Be it for a luncheon meeting, hanging out with your colleagues, family, friends, sweetheart, or just an alone-time for yourself, a scrumptious wining & dining experience. We offer both indoor dining as well as outdoor in all formats in Café Franchise & Bar Franchise.


The interiors are really amazing with some cool lightings. You will see a crowd from every age group here from chit-chatting groups of friends-people coming straight from the office to relax-families for a casual dinner. They paid a lot of attention from the food menu to décor. They have a large comfortable seating area on two floors from where you can choose your favorite seat according to your preference. You can also enjoy the live music while having delectable food.

Treat yourself

The presentation of the food is really amazing, the way they present each and every dish in a twisted way is enchanting. There are several dishes that are a must-try and you can seduce your palate with dishes like Beef Boti Hash Cheese Melt Toast, Grilled Bombay Decker, Lemon Quinoa, and their show stopper dish was French Toast Jenga.


Though this place can be expensive for some it is worth every penny.

Sutra Gastropub Franchise

Sutra Gastropub Franchise USP

The Sutra Gastropub brought in many new concepts like:

Luxury Sitting Area
Live Music
World Class Pub
Excellent Food Quality
Super Taste

Sutra Gastropub Franchise Detailed USP

  • Excellent Food is the apex USP of Cafe where people see the food getting prepared in this way the required taste of customer is prepared and the unique concept brings up a fun element with an ultimate experience.
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) approach ads a personal touch with sizzle and smokiness of the charcoal grill.
  • Always keeps the local taste in mind the caters make the meal, for instance, people in Delhi CP  love Konkani and South Indian food, and keeping that in the mind the food is prepared.
  • Affordable price, they don’t charge you a huge amount and nor too less, according to what quality Sutra Gastropub Cafe provides the price is affordable.
  • Customer is King, one of their motto which made them successful. The product range covers all meals for every type of person.

Sutra Gastropub started with selling food in an untraditional way. It was set up when everybody was selling food. Sutra Gastropub Cafe came up with the concept of Amazing food. The Sutra Gastropub has a huge variety of amazing starters and food items prepared with secret ingredients to delight every taste bud with their magical flavors.

Sutra Gastropub Franchise

Sutra Gastropub Cafe Franchise is highly popular amongst the crowd because of its unique selling point of Live Music and Food. We can even call them the king of Cafe & Pub. They are the ones who have taken Live Music and Food to the next level. Offered it in a luxurious and strictly followed hygienic way. The food and the ambiance are their specialties. They simply offer the best food in town. You can blindly have anything at the Sutra Gastropub Cafe and you'll like everything they serve.

These are words of people who visit there regularly. Not made up. People love such a brand.

You may check their Google and Zomato reviews for instance. If possible, it would be great if you could go and taste their food.

Sutra Gastropub Franchise

So, if you really like the concept of this brand and looking forward to opening such a Sutra Gastropub Franchise outlet. Then, you're are the right place.

Apply for the Brand here and then Contact PROPERTYYY Team if urgent, you may get in touch with our Franchise expert team and they'll do the rest for you.

Franchise Details

Exclusive territorial rights to a unit franchisee - Yes

Performance guarantee to Unit Franchise - Yes

Anticipated percentage return on investment - 45 %

Likely payback period of capital for a Unit Franchise - 2-3 Years

Property Details

Type of property required for this franchise opportunity  - Commercial

Floor area requirement - 4000+  Sq.ft

Preferred location of unit franchise outlet - High Street Preferred

Training Details

Detailed operating manuals for franchisees - Yes

Franchisee training location - On-Site At Franchisee Location

Is field assistance available for franchisees? - Yes

Expert guidance from Head Office to franchisee in opening the franchise -Yes

Agreement & Terms Details

Do you have a standard franchise agreement? - Yes

How long is the franchise term for? - 10 Years

Is the term renewable? - Yes

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Food & Beverage

Area Required

4000+ sqft

Investment Range

Rs. 1 Cr - 2 Cr, Rs. 2 Cr - 5 Cr

Expansion Locations


Establishment Year


Franchise Launch Year


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